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Just an analog girl in a digital world…


It is easy to forget the beauty of this land. I’ve been to 15 countries, traveled thousands of miles to … escape… to see ancient figures, cure the third world of its “thirdworldliness”  and walk where the ancestors walked … never realizing that sometimes it only takes a  four day train ride, or even a four hour drive, or sometimes a four minute walk that would have exposed me to the very beauty I was looking for …abroad… right here on my own soil… the feeling of connection that I was craving… no time away.

My vehicle of choice was the train…

I’ve just finished reading “The Warmth of Other Suns”, which tracks the mind blowing experiences of the great migration Black folks took from the South to the North. The migration that my grandparents experienced… the one that we never learned about in US History…  It’s a 600 page books that I ran through like water. I can’t count the number of times I almost got run over in the middle of the street in NYC because I couldn’t tear myself away from this precious jewel of literature. It told told me the story I’d always wanted to know… the stories that my grandparents never talked about.

I wanted to experience what my ancestors had experienced , the gentle and sometimes gruff rock of the train as it rickets at 100 mph through snow and open roads and cow towns and city streets. Four days of backaches and seemingly endless terrain… Not knowing what the future was gonna look like…and I had it easy… I had running toilet, heated seats, integrated cars, windows, food… it’s beautiful… sacred… I thought it would give me answer… but it carved more questions…


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