khrishna grace

Just an analog girl in a digital world…



By remaining silent I succumb to my ancestor’s chains
By using textbooks as shelf ornaments and doorstops I push my unborn children onto slave ships
By slipping into the safety of convention
I become part of this nation
That was based on
My destruction and dehumanization
I used to believe in many things
But I’ve come to realize human beings can’t be believed in
My people believe…
And we wait on corners and porches
And wait…
And wait…
For a Whyte man’s hands to come along
And dig us out of our misery
To gather us and make us unified
To make us feel uncomodofied
But what we can seem to recognize is that we must truly understand “we”
And set our own selves free
Maybe we need to reach below the bottom
To find our feet to stand
To go into the deepest place
Where we can find Whyte man’s hand
Now we must understand our history in order to rise
But we must move past history in order to survive
And we know how to move
Rhythm is a given in our culture
We just got to find a common beat
By remaining silent WE succumb to our ancestor’s chains
By closing our eyes to the injustice that engulfs our world WE push our unborn children on slave ships
By slipping into the safety of convention
And awaiting some sort of divine intervention
We secure ourselves a one-way ticket
Destination: Extinction


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