khrishna grace

Just an analog girl in a digital world…

The Sun Wrapped in Skin

Sistah Sonia,
Sonia Sanchez I thank you…
I thank you for your song.
Words are merely the vehicles your song condescends to Speak through,
But it seeps through,
Is immune to

And speaks

So much higher than
The cages of the english language.

Sonia Sanchez, Sistah Sonia Sanchez
You who
Speaks jazz,
The language we all deep down understand
But have
The language we are…
…your song is so warm,
Warm tea to my ears
Soothing the war in my mind
Blending the supposed divide
Between the physical and divine
Working its way through my spine
Making me feel like I could dance naked in Times Square
And not a soul would stare or care cuz …
Your song would remind them of who they truly are And together we would dance naked and realize we were Bathing in stars.

Your song is pure spider’s web,
So fragile yet so strong
Cradling the wounded, broken, and bitter within its Very arms.

The road that seemed so long and hard …didn’t
After I heard it…
For the first time.

And for the first time In a long time

I didn’t feel alone here.

Sistah Sonia, Sonia Sanchez
You are the sun wrapped in skin.
You remind me time and time again
I am one with everything,
That I was one born to sing
Through my words, through my hands, through my feet Through my dance…
Your song sings of where we come from
A people of the sun

The sum of all life. Light.

And I thank you. I thank you.


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