khrishna grace

Just an analog girl in a digital world…

At the Call of A Man (for Cara – love is yours)

I am a Black Queen…
My head is held high
And my brow is held mean
There’s a bump in my stride
And a beauty that’s deep
A touch that is strong
And a smell that is sweet…

I seem to careen
Dip down from my throne
And succumb to my knees
When the little sweet-nothings he says
Drip with such ease
From the tip of his lips
That he licks
Just to tease me

I fall to his needs
I learn and I plot them
Place him at the top
As I scrape at the bottom
To bring him cigars
And my quality time
I just need to be needed
I couldn’t tell u why
I don’t just buy a dog or a cat
Or a bird that sings
There’s just a warmth in his presence
That they just can’t bring me

He sees me seeing him on the arms of others
He even shows me the ring he bought her
But he still comes back to me
And it’s his eyes not his voice that say
I’m still in his dreams

And I know I shouldn’t but I believe ’em
And I know I should but I just can’t leave him
And I know I’m too good but…

I am a stereotypical Black queen
Though my heart is tender
And my smile supreme
Though my head is held high
And my entrance is grand
Somehow I always fall to nothing
At the call of a man…



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